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AI-driven automation for accessible
patient- provider communication.

We're changing the way we engage with patients, meeting them where they are comfortable, speaking their language, and empowering them in their safe space. Building a transformative journey towards patient-centric, culturally sensitive healthcare.

Let's shape the future of healthcare together – one chat at a time.


Our user-friendly platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence, streamlines communication between patients and providers

Our platform automates processes, resulting in better health outcomes for patients and reduced costs for providers.

With BotOn Health, you're not just adopting a technology, you're embracing a more efficient, accessible and

personalized approach to healthcare.

Our features are designed to deliver results, not attempts

Personalized and automated conversations and notifications, across various communication channels.

BotOn Health seamlessly integrates with existing healthcare systems to access the necessary data for personalizing patient conversations.

Pre-designed confirmation flows, which reduce implementation time, optimizing resources while lowering operating costs.


Effectiveness and Simplicity

Automated Conversations

Creation and customization of a virtual multilingual assistant through an intuitive platform. Users can effortlessly add and modify automated responses, enabling efficient communication.

Executive Ticket Intervention for hybrid communication

AI handles routine tasks, directing high-complexity questions to live executives.

Ensures your team focuses on what's important while AI manages the rest.

Flexible Notifications and Reminders

Offers personalized, automated reminders over different channels like SMS, email, web chat, and WhatsApp, driving down operational expenses by automating routine communications.

Real-Time Data Integration for Chat Automation

AI integrates with your existing systems to access relevant data for precise responses in automated conversations. This enhances response accuracy and speed, improving user experience.

Speech to text & text to speech

Experience seamless communication with AI through our platform's Speech to Text and Text to Speech features. Convert spoken words to text effortlessly and enjoy lifelike speech synthesis from written messages, enhancing the conversational experience.

Quick Training with Embeddings and Multilingual Capabilities 

Easily train models with embeddings for rapid learning and unlock multilingual functionality for diverse language support. Enhance your AI experience with efficiency and versatility.

BotOn in Action

AI-Powered Conversational Use Cases


Multilingual AI for Patient Support

Healthcare centers can implement AI-driven flows that provide real-time support to patients in multiple languages. These  can handle common inquiries, schedule appointments, and provide health information, ensuring that non-English-speaking patients receive the same level of care and support.

Comprehensive Multilingual AI Knowledge Base

A comprehensive multilingual knowledge base that provides step-by-step instructions on how to fill out medical forms, explains healthcare processes, and guides patients through the initial phases of their healthcare journey. This ensures patients understand what to expect from their healthcare experience from the start.


Health Support Flow Examples for Specific Patient Needs

A detailed, multilingual knowledge base focused on specific health support AI conversational flows, such as guidance for new mothers and mental health support. These guides offer step-by-step assistance and personalized support.

Meet the Team

Get to know the passionate and dedicated team behind BotOn Health. Our diverse and experienced team members are committed to revolutionizing healthcare through innovative AI-driven solutions.

We successfully reduced our 18% of no-show rate by 25% in just one month, translating to an extra $15K in profits, thanks to BotOn Health.

BotOn Health has been a game-changer for our practice

Dr. Correa 

Meds Clinic

Our Impact 

Our Purpose

We aim to break down language and cultural barriers in healthcare and ensure quality care is within everyone's reach.


This is especially relevant in the U.S., where approximately 19% of the population is Spanish-speaking. Many of these individuals are immigrants who should not have to struggle with any barriers when accessing healthcare services.

BotOn Health serves diverse communities effectively, providing intuitive and culturally sensitive interactions, helping healthcare providers and patients communicate more effectively.

We are actively seeking investors who share our vision of a more inclusive healthcare landscape.


Together, we can empower communities, transform patient engagement and redefine the future of healthcare.

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